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Record Last Updated On: 8/8/2016
Death Date: MAR/22/1863 Interment Date: // Birth Date: NOV/22/1820
Age at Death: Cause of Death: killed by guerillas (Quantrill's Raiders)
Location at Death:  near Richmond, MO
Physical Location at Death: farm NE of Richmond
Sex: M Nativity: ENGLISH Ethnicity:
Occupation:Stonemason worked on St. Joseph Cathredal in St. Joseph, MO
Military Branch:Co L, 1st rgt MSM Cav, Union Civil War Military Rank:private War Service:Civil War
Other Special Distinctions/Memberships:
Child of:
Spouse of: Sarah Devinny Stott
Mother of:
Father of: John William Garner, Anna Eliza Garner Garrett, Mary Elizabeth Garner Brown Heide
Other Known Relatives: George Dixon Garner George W Garrett William Garrett 3rd great-grandson Blair Carmichael
Brief Biography: He emigrated from Rochdale, Lancashire County, England and worked as a stonemason on St. Joseph Cathedral in St. Joseph, Missouri. He joined the Army to get his citizenship. During the Civil War, he was a Union Army private, Company L, and 1st Regiment, Missouri State Militia Cavalry. Enlisted February 1862, St. Joseph. Missouri. Mustered in March 1862, St. Joseph, Missouri. Killed Jan 8, 1863. March 22 in Jackson County, Missouri by guerrillas. –Official Military record. from Blain Carmichael I have a handwritten letter by my G.G, grandmother who witnessed his body and that of another unidentified union soldier returned to St. Joseph after the incident near Blue Springs. Transcription- Mamma remembers him having a dapple grey horse PAGE 9- & riding her around on it before he went to war- He was in artillery. Was killed Mch. 22-1863 or 64 by bushwackers. Grandpa said “Here they come boys” these bushwakers had killed a number Page 10- of Union Soldiers, put on Union men’s clothes & rode out & killed him. 9 went out & 2 came back to camp- Sent another mans body with Granpa’s & he was an Indian & his wife was PAGE 11- drunk- and she said “Take him up to Garner’s.” Heaton’s buried him. My G.G.G. Grandfather, George Fredrick Garner was killed Mar 22, 1863 in Jackson County, MO by Guerrillas. (Official military record) His squad of troopers were ambushed along the little blue river in Jackson County, MO. By Blair Carmichael
Tombstone Material: Granite Tombstone Shape: N/A Tombstone Condition: Excellent
Vault Type: Burial Number:  
Mausoleum: N Ashes:  
Other Relatives in Plot: Sarah Garner, George Frederick Garner and George Dixon Garner, George W. Garrett, William Garrett
Lot Location: SE 1/4 1
Block Location: 29
Section/Range Location: L
GPS Coordinates:
Funeral Home:
Funeral Home City/State:
Cost of Interment: Date Paid:
Photo(s) of Tombstone:

George Frederick Garner
Courtesy Of:Blair Carmichael
Other Photo(s):

George Frederick Garner record

pension record

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