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Record Last Updated On: 8/18/2014
Death Date: JUN/24/1900 Interment Date: // Birth Date: AUG/24/1884
Age at Death: Cause of Death: DROWNING
Location at Death:  SAINT JOSEPH, MISSOURI
Physical Location at Death: MISSOURI RIVER
Sex: M Nativity: AMERICAN Ethnicity:
Military Branch: Military Rank: War Service:
Other Special Distinctions/Memberships:
Child of: William Washington Garrett & Anna Eliza Garner
Spouse of:
Mother of:
Father of:
Other Known Relatives:
Brief Biography: That is actually a grandson, George Washington Garrett (1884-1900) He drowned while swimming in the Missouri river near where the Riverboat used to be. His body was never found. Lost in Missouri River at 4 p.m. Body was never recovered. Sadie (Sarah Agnes Garrett Drais 1889-1983) remembers the family searching for his body up and down the river, late into the evening with only a lantern for several days. from Blair Carmichael
Tombstone Material: Granite Tombstone Shape: N/A Tombstone Condition: Excellent
Vault Type: Burial Number:  
Mausoleum: Ashes:  
Other Relatives in Plot: George Dixon Garner, George Frederick Garner, Sarah Devinney Stott Garner,William Garrett
Lot Owner: SarahGarner
Lot Location: SE 1/4 1
Block Location: 29
Section/Range Location: L
GPS Coordinates:
Funeral Home:
Funeral Home City/State:
Cost of Interment: Date Paid:

George Washington Garrett
Courtesy Of:Blair Carmichael
Photo(s) of Tombstone:

George W Garrett
Courtesy Of:Blair Carmichael
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