Mount Mora Cemetery

Website Contributors
Web Design, Information, and Photographs

Missouri Western State University

Rick Brown - Web Programmer
Dr. Cary Chevalier - GPS Data Contributor
Margaret Justice - Student Director & Concept Developer
Michelle Ritter - Web Developer
Dr. John Rushin - Faculty Advisor for Arboretum
Dr. Sandie Seeger - Founder of Cemetery Project & Faculty Director
Cindy Wells - Project Advisor 

Mount Mora Preservation & Restoration Association Board

Ronald E. Taylor, President
Nic Hutchison, Vice President
Joyce Swope, Secretary
Michelle Wolfe, Treasurer
Suzanne Lehr, Association Founder, Historian/Tours
Joyce Swope, Landscape Designer
Wally McDonald, Liaison Mount Mora Cemetery Association
Sharon Kosek, Membership
Corinda Stallbaumer, Newsletter & Technology
Marina Trifan, Research & Grant Writing
Jennifer Sanders-Tutt, Research & Voices of the Past production
Kelly Alvarado, Research

Community Volunteers

Boy Scout Troop #138, Pony Express Council BSA - Cemetery Survey
Lynn Dickens - Tombstone Survey
Sandra Hamilton - Tombstone Survey
Ariel Kieser - Tombstone Survey & Tombstone Cleaning
Lisa Kieser - Tombstone Survey
Sharlene Miller - Transcriber of Burial Records
Audrey Payne - Tombstone Survey
Bea Schmidt - Tombstone Survey
Joann Sorrento - Tombstone Survey
Kay Temps - Tombstone Survey & Data Entry
Barbara Turner - Transcriber of Burial Records & Originator of Tombstone Survey 
Robert Waldrop - Tombstone Survey
Virginia Woodbury - Tombstone Survey & Data Entry
Megan Wyeth - photographer

The St. Joseph Museums, Inc.

Sara Wilson, Executive Director
Sarah Elder - Curator of Collections
Kathy Reno - Head of Public Relations

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